Following from last year's SYNCS HACK and UNIHACK Sydney events in previous years, SYNCS Hack challenges teams of six students to design, build and pitch an idea in 39 hours. Be it a website, app, game, hardware innovation or something else completely, join us in August for a weekend you won't forget!

 You will get to experience:

  • Industry Mentors from major tech companies
  • Careers Fair and industry tech talks
  • Over $2700 in cash prizes for winning teams ...
  • ...  plus tons of great swag from our amazing sponsors!

We'll help people form teams on the day of the event, but feel free to organise teams beforehand! 

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Please note that you are only qualified to participate if you have registered for an eventbrite ticket. If you have not done this we will not consider your submission. 


Your submission must include:

- Code (GitHub link preferable)
- A description of the project and its features
- References to any open source or third party material used in development
- The roles of each participant in the project team

Hackathon Sponsors


$2,700 in prizes

1st Place

$1200 AUD in cash value

2nd Place

$900 AUD in cash value

3rd Place

$600 in cash value

Best Pitch

Google Nest Mini for every team member

Best Algorithm

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 2GB for every team member

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Gabriel Raubenheimer

Gabriel Raubenheimer
Atlassian Associate Product Manager

Isabelle Kohout

Isabelle Kohout
Atlassian Associate Product Manager

Izzy Iglesia

Izzy Iglesia
Atlassian Campus Recruiter

Jonathan Du

Jonathan Du
Atlassian Software Engineer

Nir Nikolaevsky

Nir Nikolaevsky
Atlassian Associate Product Manager

Shane Kadish

Shane Kadish
Atlassian Software Engineer

Judging Criteria

  • Level of Innovation (5 points)
    Is the idea original? Is this a creative solution to your own tech problem? Are there existing/similar solutions to the problem in the real world?
  • Technical Complexity (5 points)
    Is the hack impressive and/or difficult? Does the hack require a high level of technical ability? Were there any technical challenges expertly handled?
  • Elegance of Solution (5 points)
    Is it a smooth user experience? Is the design intuitive? Is the program robust and functional?
  • Practicality of Solution (5 points)
    Is the hack useful in the real world and why would it be used? Who would use your solution? What value will the solution bring?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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